29 Jun 2016

NOCHELLA/ My perfect music festival line-up

My favourite part about summer is probably the amount of amazing live performances that we get to witness at various different festivals across the globe! On my blog, I previously expressed my love for festival and concerts. I've always been very passionate about music, although I wasn't exactly blessed with musical talent (unless you want to consider my one-man shower auditions of various Adele songs as talented). In my short life, I've been to a fair amount of concerts and festivals likewise, hence why I couldn't miss the opportunity to share with you guys my perfect festival line-up in collaboration with TickPick, a platform that allows music and sports fans alike to sell and buy  concerts and NFL tickets.

The first band that came to my mind when I thought about the perfect festival line-up were the Rolling Stones. Enjoyed by many generation before me, the Stones have always had a reputation for their energetic shows. The Stones, enjoyed by young and old likewise would definitely get a festival crowd going! After all, no one moves like Mick Jagger. A few weeks ago, I watched a live performance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and couldn't stop but think about how much I enjoyed them when I was younger! The Red Hot Chili Peppers were probably one of the first bands that really got me into rock music. As for a more contemporary artist, I'd definitely go with Kendrick Lamar, who is by far one of the most expressive and outspoken rapper out there! I do enjoy a fair bit of indie-rock, hence why I went with the Vaccines and Catfish and the Bottlemen!
As mentioned previously, I was really into rockier sounds as a 13 year old. Yes, I did go through that awkward MySpace Emo-phase. A band that I still enjoy to these days are Bring Me The Horizon and Brand New. For poppier sounds, I went with Christine and the Queens, SIA and of course Rihanna! And of course, a festival would not be complete without a good old throwback, so I included Beck and Blondie.

I hope you enjoyed this festival inspired post. As I am attending a festival this July, I was thinking of doing a festival series, which I did a few years ago! Let me know if this is something you would be interested in!

Lots of love,

I am also leaving for Milan in a few days, so expect a huuuuge haul!

30 May 2016

Weekend GetAway Travel Essentials

As summer is slowly approaching, the desire to just get away for a few day seems more and more appealing. I recently teamed up with HomeAway to put together a list of my top 5 travel essentials.

The first thing that I immediately thought about was sunscreen and how important it is, to take care of your skin. Although it sounds trivial, you'd be surprised about the number of people that forget to bring sunscreen to the beach.
Another essential of mine are portable chargers. If you are the proud owner of an iPhone, than you'd probably suffered from low battery anxiety more than once. Portable chargers fit in most bags as they are quite compact and they'll save the day!
If you want to avoid having to throw half used bottles of conditioner and shampoo away because you overpacked by the end of your stay, I'd highly recommend buying travel-sized lotions. They can be found in the aisle of most supermarkets or drugstores and also only cost a fraction of the full-sized product. Personally, I find buying travel-sized products really exciting because you get to try out new products that you may not have bought before.
I always bring a canvas tote bag with me. They can be found in almost every store and will save your holiday in case you overpack! Moreover, you don't have to worry about them breaking or getting dirty as they can easily be put into the washing machine.
Lastly, a perfect get away is not complete without a good book! I find that I get a lot more reading done during my time away, than I would have at home. A current favourite of mine is Girl on the Train!
For more holiday inspiration check out this article!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back with more fashion related content ASAP xx

7 Feb 2016

Valentine's Wishlist*

1. Beckett, Black Glasses2. DBXDS Neckerchief3. Suede Hat4. CDG Peek-A-Boo Canvas Sneakers5. Rowley Eyewear, Miss Z Sunglasses6. Orseund Iris, Leather Neck Tie7. Fleur du Mal, Lace Triangle Bra8. Redone, Jeans

As Valentine's Day is only a few more days away (so is the discounted chocolate yay!), I put together a small Valentine's Day wishlist. All the articles on this wishlist were carefully chosen from the new website "Shopspring". Shopspring gives their users a great opportunity to shop a great variety of brands in one place. The products featured in the wishlist are part of their accessories page and are linked below the picture.

Not being blessed with a 20/20 vision has its perks as there are more accessories to shop for! However, those trendy pilot glasses can be worn by pretty much everyone. Just pop in some window glasses and you're good to rock this 70's inspired accessory! Another favourite of mine are bandanas and neck ties! They are a perfect neck accessory for when you're not feeling like wearing a necklace but still want to look like you've had your outfit planned all along.

A Valentine's Wishlist is not complete without a sexy piece of lingerie. Whether it'd be to surprise your significant other after a romantic meal or just for yourself. A girl gotta treat herself! I picked out this lace triangle bra from Fleur du Mal, as it goes perfectly with the Valentine's theme. Additionally, this can be styled under a white V-Neck shirt

A major shoe crush of mine right now are those Comme Des Garçons x Converse sneakers! Personally, I believe that sneakers should be in everyone's wardrobe as they go with pretty much everything.

To finish this Wishlist off, I picked everyone's favourite denim jeans. Those Shop Redone jeans look effortlessy cool!  They are the perfect cut and colour and the fact that they are genuine vintage Levis jeans just add to their effortless cool vibe!