30 Dec 2013


01 Here's a snap of what I wore. The bag is from Zara and the shoes are Burberry one's. I'm glad I went with trainers, because it was raining the whole time. The train ride was rather long for my liking (almost 3 hours) but I did keep myself occupied by listening to music and reading. I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice if anyone's interested. Also thought I include this touristy picture I took whilst wandering through the streets of Brussels.
02 We started our journey in Brussels with a rather lovely breakfast at a place called "Exki". I had a moelleux au chocolat and a hot chocolate which were both really tasty!
03 The first place we went to was Brandy Melville. I know that they are quite popular in the States and in the UK. They sell super cute clothing items as well as accessories for quite affordable prices! Despite my love and admiration for all the things in the shop, I only ended up buying a bralet for myself. I did however buy a few things for the giveaway I'm planning! We also went to New Look where I tried this cute daisy jumper on. I kinda regret not buying it, looking at the picture now. What do you guys think?
04 I actually stopped taking pictures afterwards because it was raining like crazy!  We went to the Avenue Louise which is where the more expensive shops are situated I guess. We only went into Abercrombie& Fitch where I bough this little gem! It was love at first sight and I surprisingly don't regret buying that dress! I'm gonna do a whole post about it later this week, so stay tuned for that! We also went into Urban Outfitters, which was situated near the Avenue Louise.Again didn't buy anything there. The last shop we went into was Jo Malone. I originally wanted to get a diptyque candle since I've been lusting after them for a very long time but ended up deciding against it. They only had the big one which were 50€ which is quite pricy for a candle. As we headed back to the train station we came across this shopping mall where they had the prettiest fairy lights! Here's also a sneaky peek of the dress I bought at A&F!
I hope you enjoyed this little post about my trip in Brussels. I forgot to take my camera with me, which is why all the pictures are taken with an Iphone camera. I'm planning on doing weekly Instagram posts in which I'm giving you glimpses into my daily life as well as do the sunday seflies every week. I really want to be on schedule for my blogposts and take blogging more serious!
See you very soon! xoxo

28 Dec 2013


Hope you all had a smashing Christmas! I've been staring at my computer screen for the last 10 minutes and sat by the computer trying to write this post since 3pm. I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that Christmas is officially over *sob* but all I want to do these days is sleeping. Don't even begin with being productive in the slightest hahah. Anyway, I did shoot these pictures a few days ago and wanted to show you how I styled my items which I got from the H&M sales. Hope you'll enjoy.

25 Dec 2013


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're all spending some quality time with your family and eat loads of tasty food (if you celebrate Christmas). Just thought I'd share my Christmas Eve outfits before heading to sleep. (Don't ask me why I changed outfits haha) I'm suuuuper exhausted and can't wait to hop into my cozy bed. The dress that I am wearing in the first picture is from Missguided. The shirt in the second picture is from Abercrombie&Fitch and the skirt from Amazon. I'll be posting more pictures tomorrow! 
Ps: I'm updating from an Ipad, so I'm not sure how this blogpost will come out...excuse any typos
lots of love xo

24 Dec 2013

Long Time Gone

I guess I should start of by apologising for my awkward posing. Outfit posts always look nice when taken with a high quality dslr, shot somewhere nice and sunny and great editing skills. Unfortunately I have neither of them, which equals me, awkwardly posing in my bedroom haha. Anyway, enough of the complaints, it's almost Christmas and I'm super excited! All the yummy food, spending some quality time with the family, etc...I can't believe we're almost 2014. Time flew by so quickly! One of my new year's resolutions are definitely trying to be more healthy and update this blog more often! Aaaaaaand saving up for a new camera, which will definitely make updating more fun!

For all you music enthusiast: Did you know that Norah Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong did an album together? I listened to it today, and let me tell you it's absolutely amazing! I used to listen to a lot of Green Day when growing up, so it was definitely nice to see Billie Joe do something completely different.
I'm so exhausted, today has been...emotional haha

hope you enjoyed! lots of love x
ps: again really really sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's literally driving me mad:(

Leather jacket-No Name
Necklace-Bijou Brigitte

23 Dec 2013

Sunday Selfie #02

Christmas Season is the perfect excuse for cheesy webcam seflies don't you think? Also can we just ignore the fact that we're technically not even Sunday anymore? I bought the cosiest and fluffiest turtleneck in the H&M sales (which you can kind of see in the pictures) along with a coat. I got a great deal on both of the items and am dying to show you the coat I got!

I'm planning on going to Brussels on Monday, where I'll hopefully take some snaps as last time (click!). Remember last time I went to Brussels, I bought a Harry Styles cardbord cut out haha? I'm planning on getting all five of them, so little Harry doesn't feel left out...Whilst there, I'm also going to try and find some stuff for a give away which will hopefully happen as my 1 year of blogging rolls around soon. I obviously still have to inform myself on the whole shipping process and stuff, but it's definitely something I want to do. Keep your eyes peeled!
Anyway I should probably go now since it's almost 3am and I have to be up early tomorrow to do my last minute Christmas shopping (I'm super early as always I know haha)

19 Dec 2013

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

For all the loving Mums

Maman je t'aime

Linea owl mug / Diptyque candles candleholder / Swarovski jewelry / Snowflake pendant / COS navy shawl / Beauty product / Crate & Barrel "Cook with Jamie" / KITCHEN AID Artisan mixer / Mulberry Leather Case for Kindle Keyboard, Black

Charms: It's sparkly, glittery and looks super cute! Every mum will love these cute charms by Pandora and Swarovski! (There are obviously loads of other brands to choose from)
Snuggly scarf: Does this need any more explaining? Just look how cozy and snuggly this Cashmere scarf looks!
Kitchenaid: This is wayyyyy out of my budget, but if you have siblings and want to make your mother a great Christmas present I think that a Kitchenaid is the perfect gift to put under the tree!
Soap: These shampoo bars do not only smell heavenly but are also perfect as a gift!
Mugs: Just fill a cute mug of your choice with your favourite self made cookies and your ready to go! (personal favourite)
Candles: As for candles, I chose a Diptyque one that is slightly on the pricier side. I heard only good things about them so I do guess (and hope) that they're worth their price!
Books & CD's: If all else fails, just head to your favourite CD shop or library nd get your mum the book/CD she has been talking about for aaaaaages! 

For the best dads

Black shawl / Brixton 'Ranch' Fedora / Lacoste 'Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Noir' Eau de Toilette (3.3 oz.) 3.3 oz / Alpaca Wool Men's Socks / Men's Dave Moccasin Slippers / Personalized Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder / Certified International christmas mug / THE ROLLING STONES Some Girls lp 1978 Original Rare Vinyl Record / Protocol Tough-Copter Ii 3.5-Channel Radio Control Helicopter / Man of Steel (Two-Disc Special Edition DVD UltraViolet

Fedoras: If your dad is pulling a Ha(i)rry Styles why not get him one more of his beloved fedoras (or other hats)?
Helicopter: I don't know about your dads but mine's literally the biggest 4 year old when it comes to toys! 
Parfume: Perfumes are a classic!
Mugs: Again, couldn't resist including a super cute mug which you can (again) fill with your dad's favourite cookies.
DVD's: I'm sure your dad would love a good ol' movie that he can watch over again!
Slippers: Especially in winter, it's important to keep your feet warm! You don't want your dad being grumpy because he's cold.
Socks: Why not get him the matching socks? I know socks are considered the most boring gifts everrr, but you can spice them up buy putting some kind of sweets in them, just like Santa does!
Vinyl discs: If your parents still happen to be the proud owners of a vinyl recorder, why not buy your dad his favourite record from his teenage years? 
Scarf:You can never go wrong with a cozy scarf!
Wine bottle holder: This is especially a great gift if your dad has a passion for wines!

Sister from another mister

Black top, $49 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS heart earrings / Pendant necklace, $5.38 / Black hat, $12 / Eau de perfume, $47 / Eos lip treatment / Ciate nail polish, $15

Eos lipbalms: Especially in winter, your lips tend to get really dry. These Eos lipbalms make a perfect present and keep your lips moisterized!
Earrings: Show your best friend your love with these cute heart shaped earrings!
Jumper: Since it's going to stay chilly in certain countries (including Luxembourg) for a while now, jumpers are a great gift idea that keep your best friend cozy! (ps: Harry has the exact same one!)
Parfume: Of course I couldn't leave out 1D! Their new fragnance does not only come in a super cute bottle but also smells amazingly!
Beanie: Isn't this the coolest beanie ever?
Nail varnish: Not only do the Ciaté varnishes look cute, but they also make a super amazing Christmas present!
Necklace: Calling all potterheads!
Concert tickets: Concert tickets are a great present for everyone really!  

It's almost Christmas and like every year, I'm running suuuuper late! I'm just the worst at buying presents.. I'm going Christmas gift hunting tomorrow, so fingers x'd! Here's my last-minute Christmas guide which will hopefully help some of you last-minute shoppers out there to find the perfect present for your loved ones! I find buying presents for your parents the hardest because they always say they don't want anything. I included a large variety of gifts in all kind of different price ranges (some more, some less expensive). What's on your personal Christmas wish list?:)x
 Hope you enjoyed!

12 Dec 2013

Frosty nails

Waaah can you believe it's Christmas already? How time flies by... For the upcoming Christmas season I got my favourite nail polish out! Every girl loves a bit of pampering. What better way to do it than with loads of sparkle and glitter? I actually had this Essence nail polish for ages. I remember buying it when I had my work experiences and the office just happened to be near a drugstore (guess where I spent my lunch breaks...) It's the perfect winter colour and I absolutely love wearing it! I used a base coat for the glittery part and sprinkled the loose glitter on top of it and voilà you're left with this glittery sparkly mess!
That's about as much as my nail artistic skills will allow me to do haha.

Random update:
With the upcoming and much desired Christmas break I'm definitely trying to update more regularly since I've got more time. No more exams yayyy! However I should probably do my homeworks now but I'm currently snuggled up under my super comfy blankets and ready to sleep. Talk about priorities.. I'm going to the Deaf Havana concert on Saturday, so I might do a concert outfit post on that! I'm suuuuuper excited! Deaf Havana have been one of my favourite bands and I can't believe I get to see them live. What are your favourite bands? See you soon xo

3 Dec 2013


Here's the promised outfit post! Again, I'm really sorry for the rubbish quality. I really have to get myself a new camera soon. As already mentioned in my previous blogpost, we went to see Hunger Games and this is what I wore. I was originally wearing my all time fav slipknot shirt but then opted for this white chunky sweater. It's much more comfortable and keeps me warm. I love how chrismas-sy (ok don't judge me) it looks combined with the velvet skirt! Are you as excited for Christmas as I am? All the fairy lights and Christmas music really make me wish to be the 25th of December already!

OFF TOPIC: Is anyone attending Reading 2014? If you're going keep your eyes and ears open for the line-up announcement today! I'm so so excited haha. Who'd you love to see next year? My personal favourites would be The Rolling Stones (probably not happening but oh well...), You Me At Six, Blink-182, 30 Seconds to Mars and the Arctic Monkeys!

Knitted top-H&M
Velvet skirt-H&M divided
Shoes-No Name

1 Dec 2013

Sunday Selfie #01

A chrismas-sy Aloha from me! Can you believe it's already December? Time flies by so quickly! I hope you're as excited for hot chocolates, cozy winter nights and Christmas music as I am!
I took these pictures before heading to the cinema yesterday (we went to see Catching Fire if everyone is interested:-)) Apologies for the lack of outfit posts lately! I can't help it but feel really really uninspired when it comes to blogging. I did take a few pictures of yesterday's outfit, which I'll be posting soon. For now I'm going to leave you with the "selfie's" I took haha.

Talking about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; I really enjoyed it! Throughout the movie I wondered how people could be so cruel and how nobody did anything about it. The games, the fact that people are starving in the districts etc.. Then I realised that the situation displayed in the movie is quite similiar to "our" reality. Stuff like that happens in real life, but we either don't see it or just push it away. Hope you enjoyed! xo