12 Dec 2013

Frosty nails

Waaah can you believe it's Christmas already? How time flies by... For the upcoming Christmas season I got my favourite nail polish out! Every girl loves a bit of pampering. What better way to do it than with loads of sparkle and glitter? I actually had this Essence nail polish for ages. I remember buying it when I had my work experiences and the office just happened to be near a drugstore (guess where I spent my lunch breaks...) It's the perfect winter colour and I absolutely love wearing it! I used a base coat for the glittery part and sprinkled the loose glitter on top of it and voilà you're left with this glittery sparkly mess!
That's about as much as my nail artistic skills will allow me to do haha.

Random update:
With the upcoming and much desired Christmas break I'm definitely trying to update more regularly since I've got more time. No more exams yayyy! However I should probably do my homeworks now but I'm currently snuggled up under my super comfy blankets and ready to sleep. Talk about priorities.. I'm going to the Deaf Havana concert on Saturday, so I might do a concert outfit post on that! I'm suuuuuper excited! Deaf Havana have been one of my favourite bands and I can't believe I get to see them live. What are your favourite bands? See you soon xo


  1. If the definition of Christmas isn't sparkles and glitter then I don't know what is :') You have a lovely blog and have a great time at Deaf Havana! ps, sorry if I posted this twice, my bad. xo

    Other Infinities

    1. haha I agree! thanks a lot.. I had a blast :) lots of lovex

  2. So pretty!
    - themandevillesisters.blogspot.com


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