7 Jan 2014

My Week in Pictures #01

 01. The usual mirror posing haha! I really liked the headband my mum gave me. If you followed my blog for some time, you might know that I absolutely looove reading! I started Pride and Prejudice quite some time ago but can't seem to finish it due to school. Have any of you dolls read it? What are your thoughts?
 02. Remember how I told you I wanted a diptyque candle but couldn't bring myself to splurge so much money on it? Yeah...well I did end up picking one up. It smells absolutely delishhh! You might remember me  praising talking about this fanfiction called "After"? It's one of my favourite books, I can't even describe how much I love it and how many times I cried! If you're reading it, definitely let me you, I'd love to talk about Tessa and Harry with you haha. If you're into 50 Shades of Grey, definitely give it a try! (It's "deeper" than Shades of Grey though..)
 03. This is by far my favourite area of my room! I'm obsessed with the quote which is from one of my favourite books! I also recently made a collage where I used glitter which resulted in a huge mess on my floor as you can see..
 04. Here's me posing again haha! And another snap of my room. I found this old mirror and frame somewhere hidden in our house and decided to revamp it!
 05. Again the odd miror posing. I did an outfit post about this outfit, so if you want to check that out! Also sorry for going crazy with the filters!
06. As you can guess I'm not the most prepared and organised person, which is why I was sitting in our living room desperately trying to resolve math problems at 11pm on a Sunday evening. What better time to do your homeworks eh? But Oreos and good music made it possible! I also recently started exercising and eating cleaner (apart from the Oreos obvs haha)

Sorry for the delayed post! This was supposed to go up yesterday, but since I fell asleep it didn't happen. Along with the "Selfie Sundays" I thought I could share the few snaps I took every week! School started again, which is probably why I'm not on schedule. Speaking of school, I should probably go now, since I still need to do my homeworks. I'll try and update tomorrow (if I don't take an 4 hour long nap of course)
Lots of love xo