15 Feb 2014

As Casual As It Gets

Long time no see! Here I am, looking like I just crawled out of a hole and haven't seen any sunlight in the last few months. The weather has been truly rubbish in the last few weeks, which only made my craving for summer stronger! Horrible creatures we are, always complaining and never satisfied.  As a result, I am now constantly (I'm speaking of 1-2 hours daily) looking at summer gear, which probably isn't the healthiest thing to do for someone planning on saving up money. On the contrary, I started working out to get in shape. It's harder than I thought though, I love pizza and candy way too much. The outfit that I chose is very casual, as you can guess from the title. My motivation to do anything that demands any kind of effort is missing so excuse the bare face!  I chose this slouchy shirt which I bought a year or two ago from Zadig&Voltaire and paired it with my H&M jeans and blazer! As for shoes, I went with my new favourite boots which are, surprise, also from H&M. They reminded me of something that Kylie Jenner would wear, so I automatically had to buy them. I absolutely love the silver detailing on them. I hope you enjoy!
PS: Also excuse the awkward modelling!

Jeans& Blazer-H&M