3 Oct 2013

Comme des enfants feat. patterned tights

I found these weird patterned tights somewhere hidden in my closet which I bought ages ago. I believe they came with a pack of four, each in a different pattern, back when I thought leopard printed tights, shorts and UGGS were "in" aka 13 year old me. I only had eyes for the leopard ones btw. Don't judge me haha. However when I rediscovered them I didn't find them as hideous anymore and figured out I could style them with a pair of shorts minus the uggs. What do you guys think? 
I'm also trying to upload more blogposts, starting next week. I really want to take the whole blogging thing a bit more serious and update at least twice a week. Other than that life's pretty boring right now. Alright, but still boring. Today I applied for work experiences in audit, tax and advisory which is probably not very exciting. I really don't know what I want to do after school and it's stressing me out. I like to have things planned so not knowing what to do for a living afterwards is causing me mini freak outs. I'm currently taking economy and accountancy classes but I don't see myself doing anything in this sector. Anyway, that's it from me complaining about life haha. I should be more grateful and less whiny. Hope you enjoyed! x

Blazer-H&M Divided
Clutch-Comme des garcons
(for shoes I went with my trusty old docs)