24 May 2014


Long time no see! Today was all about boybands and 90's fashion...hence the title and the look. Initially, we were going out for lunch with our family, but that plan quickly dropped for me when I heard about the BBC Radio One Big Weekend line-up...or the time tables to be more exact. As One Direction were on at 1pm, I decided against a lovely tasty meal with my family and opted for a rather average salad all on my own. Radio 1 really oudid themselves with this years line-up, leaving everyone, including me, jealous. Anyway, since I couldn't spent my entire day singing along to songs at a festival that I am not even at, I decided to take a few outfit snaps! The tartan skirt, I bought off from Asos, and the chunky chelsea boots are a new favourite of mine. Since the skirt was quite loud, I opted for a plain white crop top. To finish of this 90's Clueless inspired look, I went with nylon socks, chelsea boots and everyone's least favourite accessory, a tattoo choker!

Also I went a bit crazy with the editing, hence the chewbacca-looking picture! I was thinking of doing a festival lookbook, as I did last year and was wondering if any of you guys were interested in seeing it? Let me know in the comments down below!
Lots of love xx

Outfit Details
Tartan Skirt-Asos
Crop Top-Primark
Tattoo Choker-Claire's
Jeans Jacket-H&M
Shoes-New Look