27 Sep 2013

Winter Fashion Cravings...

Winter Fashion Cravings...

The Kooples button collar shirt, $225 / Zara sheep jacket / Black Leather-Look Pinafore Playsuit, $40 / River Island tulip wrap skirt, $40 / Topshop boots / Marc by Marc Jacobs silvertone bracelet, $265 / Perfume fragrance, $18

You're probably really tired of me excusing for the lack of blogging so I'm just gonna leave it here. I started school again and so far it has caused me nothing but  a strong craving for taking naps all the time. Talking of cravings, here are bunch of items that have been on my winter wish list. These are items that I've been stalking for the last couple of weeks or longer. My personal favourites are the leather dungarees and of course the One Direction Perfume. Unfortunately I'm unable to get my hands on it since I basically live in Narnia. What are your favourites? Anything that you've been lusting over? I'd love to know! 

Update: I went to see This Is Us again and let me tell you the tears were falling like the showers that are british. I don't think my obsession with them is healthy anymore :( Did you guys see it? If you did, what was your favourite scene?  

See you sooon! 
Lots of love xx 

17 Sep 2013

Back to School Haul (Primark, H&M, Zara, etc..)

Primark//Zara//Abercrombie& Fitch
It's the time of the year again that everyone was dreading...school starts again.
I hope everyone who already started school had a great first day! With that a big big hello from the obviously not so motivated me! The one and probably only thing I actually like about starting school again is doing back to school shopping. I managed to pick up some things that I really liked and even got some at a pretty decent price. I collected all these items over the past 2 months and you're probably still able to get most of them. 

Probably my favourite thing about fall/winter is being able the wear cosy jumpers! They are just so easy to style and oh did I mention?...super cosy! 

Primark//Ralph Lauren Denim& Supply
I also picked these two shirts up. I love styling them with a tweed jacket or a cardigan. The cute bow detail on the first one makes it look so girly!

Speaking of tweed jackets, I got this one from Zara. I got it at a pretty good price as it was on sale. I basically live in tweed jackets, blouses and leggings in school time. 

Aaaaand since I'm such a good friend I bought my best friend a One Direction t-shirt! They're our little guilty pleasure haha

For bottoms, I only got a pair of leggings and jeans from Primark. Because I am tiny I still fit into the kids section from H&M where I got these leggings from. I love Primark jeans because they are so cheap and actually fit quite well.

I probably won't be able to wear these moccasins any time soon considering the weather. Anyway I thought I could include them since they are so cute. I've been searching for a pair of moccasins for a long time and was a really happy bunny when I found them at Primark for only 12€ (can you believe that?)

Moncler//H&M And lastly what is winter without cute bobble hats? I got mine from Moncler. It was quite pricey but I was saving up for it for a long long time. I also bought this scarf at H&M. It's soooo soft, I just want to wear it all the time.

That's it from me. I hope you enjoyed and oh how was your first day of school if you already started? Did you make new friends?:) Leave a comment down below and let me know!
Lot's of love, Mira x

7 Sep 2013

Hey I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right...

Especially with these Burberry Sneakers!
Fall is approaching and I was in need of a weather appropriate shoe. Let me tell you that shoe hunting is probably one of the hardest things since there are so many beautiful shoes to choose from.
Usually I take quite a long time to decide whether I should take them or not but when I saw this beaut's it was love at first sight. I knew that they were going to be expensive since they're Burberry's so I already buried my little dream of owning them. But when I saw that they were reduced from 325€ to 130€ I nearly had a heart attack. I was sold! I'm not a sneaker girl, but I think these are perfect since they are so casual but the buckled detail gives them that bit of extra. I hope you enjoyed! I'm also planning on doing a back to school haul so leave a comment down below and tell me if you'd be interested in seeing it! 
Lots of love x