30 Oct 2013

Tartan trousers

 Hello lovelies! 
Here's the promised outfit post. I did insert a cheeky picture of my new haircut, because it's simply not worth doing a separate post all about the cut. I initially wanted to go shorter, but the hairdresser recommended me not to do it since I've got pretty thick hair. It came out okay and I'm surprisingly satisfied with the result. 

I've been dying to show you these super fancy trousers I bought in H&M a while ago. I really love the pattern and colour! I paired them with a navy blue coat which I got ages ago from H&M. My blouse is surprisingly also from H&M haha..I swear I do shop at other places aswell. 
I'm going to Saarbrücken tomorrow (no shopping for me though), so I might take a few snaps there. Hope you'll enjoy!

Blouse, trousers, coat-H&M
Bag-Forever 21

27 Oct 2013

Zara shoe cravings

Zara shoe cravings

Zara black boots / Zara platform sandals / Zara flat shoes / Zara flat shoes / Zara black boots / Zara black boots

I really really need to start saving up for my trip to the UK (read here) which means that I probably won't call myself the proud owner of these beauts any time soon. The new ZARA collection is absolutely smashing and did not fail to amaze me. I especially adore the cut out boots with the white soles. They remind me so much of Stella McCartney. The fact that I already know with what I would pair each and every single one of these beautiful shoes is sad right? However I did make some cheeky purchases in H&M which I'm dying to show you! So keep an eye open for that! See you very sooon!

UPDATE: I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my hair cut and maybe dyed. It's been absolutely horrible and the weather makes it go all frizzy! Still not too sure what I'm going for though.. I'm probably gonna do a post all about the new cut tomorrow, so make sure to come back tomorrow :)

21 Oct 2013

Layering whites

So yesterday was quite boring. We went to visit family, and since it was nothing too exciting I didn't really dress up much. However, I did put this outfit together which I wanted to show you. It's basically a mess of a lot of white layers haha. I find layering quite challeging, since most of the time you just end up looking like a hobo. I paired the white mess of layers with a comfy pair of jeans and my all time favourite trainers. I opted for this ZARA bag because I think it goes pretty well with the white since it's neutral. I'm hopefully going shopping tomorrow, I'm in serious need of retail therapy haha. I've also been thinking of dying and cutting my hair. It's just so damaged and because I choose to dye it so many times throughout the years it has many different colours. It's just horrible. I was seriously thinking about going blonde (not too blond though) and getting a bob. What do you think? 
Hope you'll enjoy!

Crochet top- vintage
Leather vest-H&M
Trainers-NIKE Air Max

20 Oct 2013

Wishlist: CRAZE

Hello lovelies!
Hope everyone is well. I just quickly wanted to introduce you to a new online marketplace called CRAZE (click!) by whom I recently got contacted. They only launched a while ago but have already a wide range of clothing items as well as accessories to offer. All items are created by independent young brands and designers who put a lot of effort and love into making them. Personally, I really like the concept, as it gives young designers a chance to get recognised in the busy fashion industry. I'm  in love with the Cara shirt since she's well...perfect, at least to me. Anyway, enough of me rambling, I made a wishlist with all my favourite things that I found while scrolling to give you an idea. Hope you enjoy! See you very soon:)

Update: I finished Wuthering Heights...there were rivers coming out of my eyes. I just get way too emotional and attached to fictional characters whether it'd be a book or a movie. However I do not understand how one would want a boyfriend like Heathcliff. His love for Catherine was heartbreaking yet wonderful but one can not neglect the fact that he was a selfish lunatic. I much rather prefer overly obsessed college Harry haha. 

13 Oct 2013

Grey, the new Black//OOTD

Since I spent most of my day reading and watching youtube videos, I figured out I could at least be a bit productive and "shoot" an outfit post. I wouldn't call it shooting since it's just me, a crappy camera and a tripod trying to be cool. I found this hideous jumper hidden deep in my closet...for a reason I suppose. I named it "the ugly granny jumper" and it does its name every justice; it's itchy, has a turtle neck and is just generally ugly.
Soooo 2009.  Anywho, since I've seen a lot of turtle necks on blogs, lookbook and magazines, I thought I'd give it a go and guess what? I actually kind of like the result. I kept it very simple and added a pop of colour with my beloved mouse flats.
Hope you enjoyed!

Jumper-No name
Satchel (left)-Primark
Pouch(right)-Comme des garcons
Flats(right)-Marc By Marc Jacobs

Cheeky snap of my super yummy lunch! -Salmon Cream Tagliatelle

11 Oct 2013

Mini life update

 ... or more like what I've been up to the last few months. This was initially going to be an outfit post but I simply did not like the way the pictures came out. I never did one of these kind of posts, so we'll see how that goes.

 "Je suis une éternelle insatisfaite."

That's the thing. I'm never fully satisfied with my "work". There's nothing that drives me more crazy than not being a 100 percent sure about something. Which is probably the reason why it takes me so long to update. That and school.

Speaking of school...since mother nature came to greet me and additionally caused me very bad cramps I didn't go to school today. This gave me time to start reading my copy of Wuthering Heights which I got a few days ago. I'm really loving it so far! I've also been reading After (don't judge me!) and so far it has caused me nothing but tears and cravings for a tattoed good looking boyfriend in college. After is a fanfiction, which I admit did put me off at first. I've never really been into them since I think most of them are quite cheesy and it's the usual "he's famous and we're meeting at a cute coffee shop where he bumps into me and asks me out afterwards" plot but After is completely different. The characters are not their famous-selfs, don't have the same characteristics or are rich and famous which allows the reader to give their imaginations more free room.
I've discovered many similarities in After and Wuthering Heights, even though they are in completely different settings and times. Heathcliff like Harry, both have anger issues which can partly be traced back to their childhood. I also had a mini fangirl moment when Lockwood was looking around one of Heathcliffs rooms and discovered the journal (Tessa looking around in Harry's room and finding the copy of Wuthering Heights). Heathcliff like Harry don't like it when someone's in their room. Anyway that's enough off me rambling about fictional characters, before I give you a whole summary about the books haha.

I also booked tickets to Reading Festival eeeeeps! This has literally been my friend's and my dream for years!  I still remember how we used to go to Mc Donald's (haha) and write down all the things that we wanna bring along to Reading. Deep down we kinda knew it wasn't happening. Look at us now haha! Reading has by far the most insane line-ups in my opinion. I'm positive next year's line-up isn't going to let us down or at least I'm hoping.
Originally we were going to camp at the festival site like any festival goer but since we're travelling by plane that is not happening. I'm also not too fond of the idea to go days without sleep and showering. We found a quite cheap hotel near Reading which we're staying at. Additionally we're spending a few days in London, but have yet to plan that. I hope to get a new camera by then. I really want to take blogging more serious and was even thinking of doing videos. I've always loved watching people do hauls, vlogs and stuff. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing me do videos besides blogging!:) 

Another thing that has been on my mind for a while now is doing a giveaway! I really want to give something back to you for all the nice comments. I haven't decided on what to exactly give away and how it will be done, but it's definitely something that I want to do. If you have any ideas please let me know and leave a comment down below:)
Anywayyyy that's it from me, hope you enjoyed! xx

3 Oct 2013

Comme des enfants feat. patterned tights

I found these weird patterned tights somewhere hidden in my closet which I bought ages ago. I believe they came with a pack of four, each in a different pattern, back when I thought leopard printed tights, shorts and UGGS were "in" aka 13 year old me. I only had eyes for the leopard ones btw. Don't judge me haha. However when I rediscovered them I didn't find them as hideous anymore and figured out I could style them with a pair of shorts minus the uggs. What do you guys think? 
I'm also trying to upload more blogposts, starting next week. I really want to take the whole blogging thing a bit more serious and update at least twice a week. Other than that life's pretty boring right now. Alright, but still boring. Today I applied for work experiences in audit, tax and advisory which is probably not very exciting. I really don't know what I want to do after school and it's stressing me out. I like to have things planned so not knowing what to do for a living afterwards is causing me mini freak outs. I'm currently taking economy and accountancy classes but I don't see myself doing anything in this sector. Anyway, that's it from me complaining about life haha. I should be more grateful and less whiny. Hope you enjoyed! x

Blazer-H&M Divided
Clutch-Comme des garcons
(for shoes I went with my trusty old docs)