20 Oct 2013

Wishlist: CRAZE

Hello lovelies!
Hope everyone is well. I just quickly wanted to introduce you to a new online marketplace called CRAZE (click!) by whom I recently got contacted. They only launched a while ago but have already a wide range of clothing items as well as accessories to offer. All items are created by independent young brands and designers who put a lot of effort and love into making them. Personally, I really like the concept, as it gives young designers a chance to get recognised in the busy fashion industry. I'm  in love with the Cara shirt since she's well...perfect, at least to me. Anyway, enough of me rambling, I made a wishlist with all my favourite things that I found while scrolling to give you an idea. Hope you enjoy! See you very soon:)

Update: I finished Wuthering Heights...there were rivers coming out of my eyes. I just get way too emotional and attached to fictional characters whether it'd be a book or a movie. However I do not understand how one would want a boyfriend like Heathcliff. His love for Catherine was heartbreaking yet wonderful but one can not neglect the fact that he was a selfish lunatic. I much rather prefer overly obsessed college Harry haha. 

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