30 Jan 2014

...and I told you to be patient.

This is in no way a reference to my long absence neither has it anything to do with this blog post. Hell I should stop dramaticising things so much!

Today's blogpost is dedicated to my new hideous shoes. Nostalgia comes over me when I wear them. The gladiator-esque  sandals I bought, remind me of those jellie shoes I had as a kid. I remember, little 6 year old me, on the beach in my coloured jellies while playing in the sand. Oh how I wish it was summer already! My bittersweet longing for my childhood years which are impossible to recover made my craving for them grow with each memory! After sleepless nights (I'm not exaggerating) of browsing through the Internet I finally found a pair that wasn't too expensive. I bought mine from a website called Mr. Shoes.They are indeed the perfect spring shoe and easy to work with. I provided some cheeky snaps that I took with my Iphone camera for you, the artist I am... 
Although I wouldn't give them back for anything in this world, (I mean I you'd offer me Harry Styles or Ryan Gosling we could talk) I have to say that the quality isn't too amazing. They feel quite cheap and whenever I wear them I am scared that they'd break. Luckily they weren't too expensive, so getting a new pair won't be a hassle!  

I hope you enjoyed todays's post! It's a bit different, writing wise! I hope you don't mind.  
Life Update: There's a Dunkin Donut opening where I live and I'm so fucking excited! Sorry for the swearing but I couldn't think of another word that would describe my excitement. You know me and food...

Lots of love

19 Jan 2014

Summer Ahoy!

I'm gonna skip today's selfie sunday because my face isn't cooperating and neither is my hair or any other body part... I took a few sneaky snaps of my outfit which I thought I could show you! Like I told you in my previous post, I started taking pictures with my Iphone because I simply do not have the time to edit them on the computer etc etc. Therefor excuse the quality, I had to take them with the front camera! Again, I hope you don't mind! As you've all probably guessed, I can't wait for summer! I don't think my summer cravings are healthy anymore. Seriously all I seem to do is reblogg summery pictures on Tumblr. This probably explains why today's outfit post is completely weather inappropriate. I featured this lovely Zara cropped jersey which I bought yesterday. Combined with the white H&M shorts, this outfit looks very casual. I have to say that the shorts are quite see through, so I'd definitely recommend wearing skin coloured panties or else everyone is going to see your heart printed panties bum haha! You've also probably guessed that I do not own a lot of shoes and usually stick to the odd few pairs. I went with me trusty old Doc Martens, which I've been wearing since 2011! They're the best shoes ever and soooo comfy. I'm hiding my tired eyes under the Wildfox sunnies I got a year ago. I love the bold look of them!
 See you hopefully tomorrow!

Shoes-Doc Martens
Sending my love your way xo

18 Jan 2014

Zara Sales

Sale season officially ended in Luxembourg booo:(  My parents and I decided to take a trip to the mall and there happened to be a Zara around! I absolutely love Zara, I think they have the best clothes. I do however think that there items are quite pricy which is probably why I hardly ever buy anything there. When I found out that most of the things were reduced, I couldn't help myself to do some cheeky purchases. They had sooooo many lovely items but unfortunately most of them were sold out in my size.
I'm really loving the "plain long sleeved shirt + high waisted shorts" combination right now, which is why I picked up the striped shirt and the floaty jumper. I really like that they're cropped. I'm also head over heels in love with the tartan slip dress (even though my mum thinks it's hideous haha). I've been wanting one for ages but could never bring myself to spend 50€ on it! I got this one for 16€ which is a pretty amazing deal if you ask me! You probably noticed that most all of the stuff is quite summery haha. I can't wait for summer to start eventhough I'd probably end up sitting in my room all day long
Did you guys pick anything up in the Sales? Let me know in the comments down below

Sorry for the crappy Iphone picture. To be honest I just couldn't be bothered to take out my camera, take a picture, upload it onto my computer, edit it and upload in on my blog. Taking it with my phone and putting a filter on it was just sooooo much easier haha. I think I have to take the majority of the pictures on my phone if I want to update more regularly. Taking them with my camera and editing the pictures is very time consuming. It does take me more than 2 hours (random scrolling through tumblr, twitter etc included) which I unfortunately don't have during school time. I hope you don't mind!
Lots of love xo

12 Jan 2014

Summer Lusting (+personal thoughts)

Summer Lusting

Giambattista Valli ankle length white skirt / Topshop distressed jeans / Bikini swimsuit, $70 / Glamorous black skater skirt / NIKE lightweight running shoes / JuJu black jelly shoes, $46 / ASOS midi ring / Bow hair accessory / Monkey hat

My mind is saying winter but my heart is screaming summer. Yes, I'm one of these annoying people that always complain and are never satisfied with the weather. It's either too hot or too cold. Summer is by far the best time of the year, especially if you're a student (summer break helloooo?). These are a few items that I've been lusting after for a while. I haven't gotten around to buy any of them because I'm saving up for my trip to the UK this summer! (waaahh I can't believe it's coming up so soon) However, I probably do some cheeky purchases and treat myself to one of these beauts.

Sorry again for the lack of blogging for the last couple days. I decided to skip the weekly selfie sunday today because my face wasn't cooperating haha. However, I thought I could still share my personal thoughts with you. I'm surprisingly motivated to start socializing with people. I really want to join a book club. I've always been very passionate about reading and it's hard finding people who share the same passion as you. I also want to start excercising more regularly and maybe do some yoga or pilates courses with my mum. Another thing that has been on my mind for a long long time is doing sign language courses. I've always liked the idea with being able to communicate with a lot of people. However, since I live in a small country that doesn't count more than 500.000 people(or something along the lines), it's hard to find courses. I feel like doing something more than sleeping and being online would motivate me to keep going. In the last couple of months I've been feeling very down (due to the weather and my horrific grades)and I just feel like doing something would cheer me up! See you very soon xo! 

7 Jan 2014

My Week in Pictures #01

 01. The usual mirror posing haha! I really liked the headband my mum gave me. If you followed my blog for some time, you might know that I absolutely looove reading! I started Pride and Prejudice quite some time ago but can't seem to finish it due to school. Have any of you dolls read it? What are your thoughts?
 02. Remember how I told you I wanted a diptyque candle but couldn't bring myself to splurge so much money on it? Yeah...well I did end up picking one up. It smells absolutely delishhh! You might remember me  praising talking about this fanfiction called "After"? It's one of my favourite books, I can't even describe how much I love it and how many times I cried! If you're reading it, definitely let me you, I'd love to talk about Tessa and Harry with you haha. If you're into 50 Shades of Grey, definitely give it a try! (It's "deeper" than Shades of Grey though..)
 03. This is by far my favourite area of my room! I'm obsessed with the quote which is from one of my favourite books! I also recently made a collage where I used glitter which resulted in a huge mess on my floor as you can see..
 04. Here's me posing again haha! And another snap of my room. I found this old mirror and frame somewhere hidden in our house and decided to revamp it!
 05. Again the odd miror posing. I did an outfit post about this outfit, so if you want to check that out! Also sorry for going crazy with the filters!
06. As you can guess I'm not the most prepared and organised person, which is why I was sitting in our living room desperately trying to resolve math problems at 11pm on a Sunday evening. What better time to do your homeworks eh? But Oreos and good music made it possible! I also recently started exercising and eating cleaner (apart from the Oreos obvs haha)

Sorry for the delayed post! This was supposed to go up yesterday, but since I fell asleep it didn't happen. Along with the "Selfie Sundays" I thought I could share the few snaps I took every week! School started again, which is probably why I'm not on schedule. Speaking of school, I should probably go now, since I still need to do my homeworks. I'll try and update tomorrow (if I don't take an 4 hour long nap of course)
Lots of love xo

5 Jan 2014

Selfie Sunday #01 (+ personal thoughts)

Hello dolls! I'm kinda proud of myself for not missing the first week of this Selfie Sunday haha. It's a great way to not only share a cheeky selfie but also give you an update on life and stuffff. To be honest, I kinda cheated. Let's just say that today was one of my lazy days and I looked like a mess. Therefore, I sneaked this Instagram pic in haha. Also, I might went a bit too crazy on the filters. If anyone's interested, the app is by Bleach London. I'm feeling kind of spaced out right now. Might be, because school starts tomorrow and I'm not prepared in the slightest (emotionally as well as not having read the 150 page book for my french classes but ohwell) 
"It's okay to be sad from time to time."
When I first started this blog, I've always promised myself to be honest with my few but lovely readers and share my personal fears and thoughts on this social platform. I highly doubt that anyone is interested in my 'lifestyle' since let's be honest, taking daily pictures of me doing my homework's, eating unhealthy food and crying over bands doesn't do the job. My school life doesn't leave much time for exclusive trips and pictures of me posing in front of sophisticated buildings somewhere in LA. I don't complain though. I'm grateful for every single person that reads or comments on my blog. They makes my days! There are people living far worse lifes and here I am, a bratty little teenager complaining about everything haha. However, I don't feel like I should hide my feelings, because they kind of make me the person I am. Being a teenager can be hard at times. Failing grades, getting through your first break up's (which I'm not btw), fighting with your parents, you name it. Even if there are far worse things to come, being who you are can be very overwhelming. I'm the human contradiction. I want people to care about my well being but I don't want to tell them how I feel. Weird, I know. I believe that we live in a society that expects us to be happy 24/24. There seems to be no place for 'sad' people. It's damaging us though. I don't think it's possible to be happy all the time. Sometimes, even the cheeriest person gets sad and has to shed some tears. We all need a good ol' cry from time to time. We needed them when we were 4 and scared of the monsters hiding in the closet, we need them now as we're getting over break ups and failing grades and we'll need them when we're 50 and don't know where life is heading. Thing is, that some people get sad easier and more often than others might do. We describe them as weak, sometimes even going as far as saying that they should get themselves "sorted out". Of course, having a home, money and clothes is great. A lot of people are not as fortunate to have a fridge filled with food or to go to school. But it doesn't really change the fact that your sad. It's materialistic to expect people to be happy because of what they posses and what others don't. You might think I'm a lunatic, but I believe that someone going through their first break up can experience the same level of pain as someone experiencing a way more traumatic event. Because pain is relative and different people feel a different way. When I was about 12 and my nan got cancer I didn't really know what to feel. I had this weird feeling of emptiness and sadness inside me. Now that I'm 16 and I'm not sure whether I'd pass my year or not, I'm feeling the same kind of emotions. Even if failing your year isn't as worse as having a relative get seriously sick, it still feels the same to me. Who are we to judge one's happiness and sadness? We don't know how it looks in someones head, how dark it might be in there, but we still feel the need to force their happiness. There is this great quote from a book called The Perks of being a Wallflower that says:

“I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won't tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn't change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn't really change the fact that you have what you have.” 

It's the most accurate thing ever. Especially as a teenager, you might occur moments that leave you thinking it won't get better. There will be moments where you'll be sat in your room crying wondering where life will lead you.We all had them. Even the adults that are telling you to get over it. In a few years time we'll laugh at the times we cried ourselves to sleep but right now it all feels very real. The sleepless nights, the tears, it's all real. I don't think anyone will take me serious, because what experience do I have from life as a 16 year old girl? To be fair, I've never had any traumatic events happen to me. Still, I sometimes get lonely. I'm not the most social person, in fact, most of the time I miss out on activities my friends are doing because I'm much more comfortable alone. We expect people to not show a single flaw emotionally. We want them to be socially active. When I first came into my new class, the most important thing for me was to make friends and have someone to sit next to. Not because that's what I truly wanted, but because I wanted to be portayed as a social person through strangers eyes. I honestly couldn't care less if I was alone or not, because I'd get over it. In a few years time I'm not in the same class as them anymore. But other's seeing me as a 'loner' was worrying me. I have friends outside of school, but I still felt the need to befriend people I wasn't 100% comfortable with, just so other whom I couldn't care less about, wouldn't judge me. Crazy huh?

I really want to get away for a while. Go somewhere I've never been before, explore cities, learn about new cultures, meet new people and maybe fall in love. Right now, this all seems very unrealistic. I'm still in school and I can't take a year off for no reason. I also have to save up, since I don't want to live of 'daddy's money'. As soon as I'm done with high school, I want to go away. For a month or two. Maybe even for a year. I do wanna travel on my own though. I feel like it would give the chance to get to know myself a bit more and be who I really am. No more hiding. The thought of going somewhere on my own doesn't scare me. I think what's holding us back, is the fear of failing in someones eye. The fear of being judged by others. I'd be lying if I said I didn't care what others think of me. How stranger see me, does occupy my mind, even if it shouldn't. I don't take pictures outside for the same reason. Maybe someday I grow more confident to do such things.

Anyway, I don't think I'm making any sense right now nor what the point of this was. If you read through this, it means a lot to me! You can always talk to me, just drop me an e-mail: mira2503@hotmail.co.uk or write me on Facebook. See you tomorrow xo

Our July in the Rain

Hiiii dolls! Sorry for my two day absence, I just haven't been feeling well. I'm really trying to blog as much as I can (now that I'm still on my school break) and missing two days for no reason got me kind of upset with myself. Considering, that I used to blog once or twice a week last year, two days don't seem like much haha. My friends and I went out yesterday and had an absolute blast. Now, I'm normally not the most outgoing person but a little party never killed nobody right? I did nap most of the day though because I was really tired. Recently, my mum and I went to our local H&M, where I picked these thigh high socks up. I wasn't too sure on them at first, because they can be quite unflattering at times, especially if you're short as me. I paired them with shorts I got from Bournemouth a few years ago and a this H&M blouse. I swear I do own different clothes apart from H&M haha.
Hope you enjoy! xo

Shorts-New Look
ps: I'm not wearing any shoes haha

2 Jan 2014

The First Blank Page

 Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all had a smashing time! What did you all do to celebrate the end of 2013? Time flew by so quickly, I honestly can't believe we're already 2014. Even saying we're 2014 is weird, it freaks me out! Did you guys make any resolutions for the new year? I stopped making them since they last approximately 2 days until I give up. I actually stayed in on NYE (talk about being more outgoing), but wanted to show you this outfit I created nonetheless. Don't mind the weird looking buns on my head, I honestly don't know what I was thinking haha. Anyway,  I should probably go now since it's past 2 am and I'm not feeling too well (think I might be coming down with a cold) 
Love you loads xo and see you very soon!
Bralet-Brandy Melville
Skirt-H&M Divided
Shoes-No Name
Necklace-Bijoux Brigitte
Hair Bow-H&M