18 Jan 2014

Zara Sales

Sale season officially ended in Luxembourg booo:(  My parents and I decided to take a trip to the mall and there happened to be a Zara around! I absolutely love Zara, I think they have the best clothes. I do however think that there items are quite pricy which is probably why I hardly ever buy anything there. When I found out that most of the things were reduced, I couldn't help myself to do some cheeky purchases. They had sooooo many lovely items but unfortunately most of them were sold out in my size.
I'm really loving the "plain long sleeved shirt + high waisted shorts" combination right now, which is why I picked up the striped shirt and the floaty jumper. I really like that they're cropped. I'm also head over heels in love with the tartan slip dress (even though my mum thinks it's hideous haha). I've been wanting one for ages but could never bring myself to spend 50€ on it! I got this one for 16€ which is a pretty amazing deal if you ask me! You probably noticed that most all of the stuff is quite summery haha. I can't wait for summer to start eventhough I'd probably end up sitting in my room all day long
Did you guys pick anything up in the Sales? Let me know in the comments down below

Sorry for the crappy Iphone picture. To be honest I just couldn't be bothered to take out my camera, take a picture, upload it onto my computer, edit it and upload in on my blog. Taking it with my phone and putting a filter on it was just sooooo much easier haha. I think I have to take the majority of the pictures on my phone if I want to update more regularly. Taking them with my camera and editing the pictures is very time consuming. It does take me more than 2 hours (random scrolling through tumblr, twitter etc included) which I unfortunately don't have during school time. I hope you don't mind!
Lots of love xo


  1. you picked up some really nice things, I love the dress and the stripped top xx



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