19 Jan 2014

Summer Ahoy!

I'm gonna skip today's selfie sunday because my face isn't cooperating and neither is my hair or any other body part... I took a few sneaky snaps of my outfit which I thought I could show you! Like I told you in my previous post, I started taking pictures with my Iphone because I simply do not have the time to edit them on the computer etc etc. Therefor excuse the quality, I had to take them with the front camera! Again, I hope you don't mind! As you've all probably guessed, I can't wait for summer! I don't think my summer cravings are healthy anymore. Seriously all I seem to do is reblogg summery pictures on Tumblr. This probably explains why today's outfit post is completely weather inappropriate. I featured this lovely Zara cropped jersey which I bought yesterday. Combined with the white H&M shorts, this outfit looks very casual. I have to say that the shorts are quite see through, so I'd definitely recommend wearing skin coloured panties or else everyone is going to see your heart printed panties bum haha! You've also probably guessed that I do not own a lot of shoes and usually stick to the odd few pairs. I went with me trusty old Doc Martens, which I've been wearing since 2011! They're the best shoes ever and soooo comfy. I'm hiding my tired eyes under the Wildfox sunnies I got a year ago. I love the bold look of them!
 See you hopefully tomorrow!

Shoes-Doc Martens
Sending my love your way xo


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