30 Jan 2014

...and I told you to be patient.

This is in no way a reference to my long absence neither has it anything to do with this blog post. Hell I should stop dramaticising things so much!

Today's blogpost is dedicated to my new hideous shoes. Nostalgia comes over me when I wear them. The gladiator-esque  sandals I bought, remind me of those jellie shoes I had as a kid. I remember, little 6 year old me, on the beach in my coloured jellies while playing in the sand. Oh how I wish it was summer already! My bittersweet longing for my childhood years which are impossible to recover made my craving for them grow with each memory! After sleepless nights (I'm not exaggerating) of browsing through the Internet I finally found a pair that wasn't too expensive. I bought mine from a website called Mr. Shoes.They are indeed the perfect spring shoe and easy to work with. I provided some cheeky snaps that I took with my Iphone camera for you, the artist I am... 
Although I wouldn't give them back for anything in this world, (I mean I you'd offer me Harry Styles or Ryan Gosling we could talk) I have to say that the quality isn't too amazing. They feel quite cheap and whenever I wear them I am scared that they'd break. Luckily they weren't too expensive, so getting a new pair won't be a hassle!  

I hope you enjoyed todays's post! It's a bit different, writing wise! I hope you don't mind.  
Life Update: There's a Dunkin Donut opening where I live and I'm so fucking excited! Sorry for the swearing but I couldn't think of another word that would describe my excitement. You know me and food...

Lots of love