24 Dec 2013

Long Time Gone

I guess I should start of by apologising for my awkward posing. Outfit posts always look nice when taken with a high quality dslr, shot somewhere nice and sunny and great editing skills. Unfortunately I have neither of them, which equals me, awkwardly posing in my bedroom haha. Anyway, enough of the complaints, it's almost Christmas and I'm super excited! All the yummy food, spending some quality time with the family, etc...I can't believe we're almost 2014. Time flew by so quickly! One of my new year's resolutions are definitely trying to be more healthy and update this blog more often! Aaaaaaand saving up for a new camera, which will definitely make updating more fun!

For all you music enthusiast: Did you know that Norah Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong did an album together? I listened to it today, and let me tell you it's absolutely amazing! I used to listen to a lot of Green Day when growing up, so it was definitely nice to see Billie Joe do something completely different.
I'm so exhausted, today has been...emotional haha

hope you enjoyed! lots of love x
ps: again really really sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's literally driving me mad:(

Leather jacket-No Name
Necklace-Bijou Brigitte