11 Oct 2013

Mini life update

 ... or more like what I've been up to the last few months. This was initially going to be an outfit post but I simply did not like the way the pictures came out. I never did one of these kind of posts, so we'll see how that goes.

 "Je suis une éternelle insatisfaite."

That's the thing. I'm never fully satisfied with my "work". There's nothing that drives me more crazy than not being a 100 percent sure about something. Which is probably the reason why it takes me so long to update. That and school.

Speaking of school...since mother nature came to greet me and additionally caused me very bad cramps I didn't go to school today. This gave me time to start reading my copy of Wuthering Heights which I got a few days ago. I'm really loving it so far! I've also been reading After (don't judge me!) and so far it has caused me nothing but tears and cravings for a tattoed good looking boyfriend in college. After is a fanfiction, which I admit did put me off at first. I've never really been into them since I think most of them are quite cheesy and it's the usual "he's famous and we're meeting at a cute coffee shop where he bumps into me and asks me out afterwards" plot but After is completely different. The characters are not their famous-selfs, don't have the same characteristics or are rich and famous which allows the reader to give their imaginations more free room.
I've discovered many similarities in After and Wuthering Heights, even though they are in completely different settings and times. Heathcliff like Harry, both have anger issues which can partly be traced back to their childhood. I also had a mini fangirl moment when Lockwood was looking around one of Heathcliffs rooms and discovered the journal (Tessa looking around in Harry's room and finding the copy of Wuthering Heights). Heathcliff like Harry don't like it when someone's in their room. Anyway that's enough off me rambling about fictional characters, before I give you a whole summary about the books haha.

I also booked tickets to Reading Festival eeeeeps! This has literally been my friend's and my dream for years!  I still remember how we used to go to Mc Donald's (haha) and write down all the things that we wanna bring along to Reading. Deep down we kinda knew it wasn't happening. Look at us now haha! Reading has by far the most insane line-ups in my opinion. I'm positive next year's line-up isn't going to let us down or at least I'm hoping.
Originally we were going to camp at the festival site like any festival goer but since we're travelling by plane that is not happening. I'm also not too fond of the idea to go days without sleep and showering. We found a quite cheap hotel near Reading which we're staying at. Additionally we're spending a few days in London, but have yet to plan that. I hope to get a new camera by then. I really want to take blogging more serious and was even thinking of doing videos. I've always loved watching people do hauls, vlogs and stuff. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing me do videos besides blogging!:) 

Another thing that has been on my mind for a while now is doing a giveaway! I really want to give something back to you for all the nice comments. I haven't decided on what to exactly give away and how it will be done, but it's definitely something that I want to do. If you have any ideas please let me know and leave a comment down below:)
Anywayyyy that's it from me, hope you enjoyed! xx