21 Oct 2013

Layering whites

So yesterday was quite boring. We went to visit family, and since it was nothing too exciting I didn't really dress up much. However, I did put this outfit together which I wanted to show you. It's basically a mess of a lot of white layers haha. I find layering quite challeging, since most of the time you just end up looking like a hobo. I paired the white mess of layers with a comfy pair of jeans and my all time favourite trainers. I opted for this ZARA bag because I think it goes pretty well with the white since it's neutral. I'm hopefully going shopping tomorrow, I'm in serious need of retail therapy haha. I've also been thinking of dying and cutting my hair. It's just so damaged and because I choose to dye it so many times throughout the years it has many different colours. It's just horrible. I was seriously thinking about going blonde (not too blond though) and getting a bob. What do you think? 
Hope you'll enjoy!

Crochet top- vintage
Leather vest-H&M
Trainers-NIKE Air Max


  1. i love your jacket!!

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  2. that white vest is just fantastic! love it:))


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