30 Dec 2013


01 Here's a snap of what I wore. The bag is from Zara and the shoes are Burberry one's. I'm glad I went with trainers, because it was raining the whole time. The train ride was rather long for my liking (almost 3 hours) but I did keep myself occupied by listening to music and reading. I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice if anyone's interested. Also thought I include this touristy picture I took whilst wandering through the streets of Brussels.
02 We started our journey in Brussels with a rather lovely breakfast at a place called "Exki". I had a moelleux au chocolat and a hot chocolate which were both really tasty!
03 The first place we went to was Brandy Melville. I know that they are quite popular in the States and in the UK. They sell super cute clothing items as well as accessories for quite affordable prices! Despite my love and admiration for all the things in the shop, I only ended up buying a bralet for myself. I did however buy a few things for the giveaway I'm planning! We also went to New Look where I tried this cute daisy jumper on. I kinda regret not buying it, looking at the picture now. What do you guys think?
04 I actually stopped taking pictures afterwards because it was raining like crazy!  We went to the Avenue Louise which is where the more expensive shops are situated I guess. We only went into Abercrombie& Fitch where I bough this little gem! It was love at first sight and I surprisingly don't regret buying that dress! I'm gonna do a whole post about it later this week, so stay tuned for that! We also went into Urban Outfitters, which was situated near the Avenue Louise.Again didn't buy anything there. The last shop we went into was Jo Malone. I originally wanted to get a diptyque candle since I've been lusting after them for a very long time but ended up deciding against it. They only had the big one which were 50€ which is quite pricy for a candle. As we headed back to the train station we came across this shopping mall where they had the prettiest fairy lights! Here's also a sneaky peek of the dress I bought at A&F!
I hope you enjoyed this little post about my trip in Brussels. I forgot to take my camera with me, which is why all the pictures are taken with an Iphone camera. I'm planning on doing weekly Instagram posts in which I'm giving you glimpses into my daily life as well as do the sunday seflies every week. I really want to be on schedule for my blogposts and take blogging more serious!
See you very soon! xoxo

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