5 Nov 2013

Current wishlist #1

Current wishlist #1

H&M turtleneck top, $40 / Gray coat, $64 / H&M black vest, $64 / Burberry high waisted knee length skirt / Topshop mini skirt / Zara white boots / H&M woolen hat, $24 / H&M hat, $6.37

Quick post I put together! Again, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of days, it's been just really hectic with school and stuff (like always I know) . I really really really want that Burberry skirt! It's literally been hunting me haha (I even dreamt about it don't laugh ok). It's obviously way to expensive and there is no way that I'd be able to afford it. I guess I just have to wait until find a cheaper version.
I'm currently getting my room done, so I might do a post all about that if you'd like! I'm also thinking of doing a video after seeings Jo's (click!). I really want to do the 25 facts tag, so I might do that...we'll see. Anyway hope you had a smashing week despite the rubbish weather! 
Lots of love 

Update: I actually cancelled my work experience thingy because my fear of people won't let me do such things haha.Shouldn't have applied in the first place...
Also , have you seen the new One Direction video for Story of my Life? If you haven't go watch it! It's absolutely amazing! I cried like a babie, it's so cute.


  1. Oh wie leiw dass de mech ernannt hues,merci:))! Waer wieklech cool wanns de och videoen machen geins:) kussi

  2. love the coat. Now following

  3. ooh I love that grey coat! x



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