29 Jun 2013

☀Festival Series: Essentials☀

Hey dolls! Quick blogpost before I go to bed!
I'm going to the Rock a Field Festival tomorrow so expect a lot of pictures coming haha. Just thought I'd let you know what my personal festival essentials are. I'm not camping there so these are the things that I'm taking with me to the actual festival site. I hope you'll enjoy! Leave a comment down below and tell me what your personal festival essentials are :)
1. Emergency pouch: In here I keep smaller things like; a concealer, dextrose (if you're feeling dizzy), plasters, hand sanitiser (if you've ever been on a festival loo you know what I'm talking about haha) and face mist.
2. Suncream and Dry shampoo: probably one of the most important things! If it's going to be sunny it's important to put suncream on to prevent yourself from getting a nasty sunburn. The dry shampoo helps against greasy hair. It also gives your hair volume.
3. Sunnies: again, it's important to protect yourself from the sun. I'm bringing my Wildfox sunnies with me because I don't have any others, but I'd suggest bringing cheaper ones with you since they're going to get dirty.
4. Water bottle: It's super important to keep yourself hydrated. Especially on a festival since you're going to jump a lot. Most festivals have water taps where you can refill your bottles. It's much cheaper to bring your own than buying the overpriced water that they're selling.
5. Phone: also very important! It's always good to have a phone with you. Chances are that you're going to lose your friends once in a while so it's good to call them to know what's up.
6. Camera: This is optional but I always bring a camera with me to take some snaps. 
7. Beanie: If you live somewhere, where it tends to get chilly it's always good to bring a beanie with you. There's nothing worse than freezing your ears off while watching your favourite band.
8. Wallet: I somehow forgot to put this on the picture haha. I'd suggest bringing a smaller wallet that fits your money and some change (don't bring any cards with you that you don't need). If you're at the legal drinking age bring your ID with you! You don't want to get in trouble. Again this depends on where you live. Here in Luxembourg, the legal drinking age is 16, whereas in the UK it's 18. Oh! and don't forget your ticket! 

Mira xx


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    1. thank you so so much, means a lot:) xx

  3. Great post :)

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  4. Cute post :) Love the phone case <3
    Where is the beanie from I love it?? xx
    With the sun cream you have got there because it is spay on is it less gloopy and thick than regular sun creams??
    Have a great time at the festival :)
    If you want you could check out my blog xx

    1. thank you:) it's from a small shop in Bournemouth but you can get it online (the brand is called Diamond supply & co), yes it's actually like spraying water on yourself + it doesn't get sticky! thanks a lot, had an amazing time, of course :) xx

  5. Really nice blog! xx


  6. Definitely cannot go to a festival without the dry shampoo x



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