23 Jun 2013

New In (H&M Sales)

Hello dollies!

Sorry again for my lack of posting :( School's been stressing me out so much lately.
So obviously I had to do a bit of retail therapy. So what better way to treat yourself than purchasing some bargains from the sales. First thing I bought was this super cute tweed jacket. I believe it was reduced because it's got a manufacturing fault (the tag is the wrong way around). I also got this floral peplum top which I might be wearing to the Rock A Field Festival (click!). Lastly but not least I bought myself a pair of espadrilles. They go with almost everything and are pretty cheap! I'm also going to post the final part of my festival series this week.  Hope you'll enjoy !


  1. Wollt mir useg dei selwecht Jacket kaafen hehe:) se ass wieklech schein:) x

    1. hihi joo hun se mega gären deplus ass se deck bequem:)xx

  2. the floral top looks so pretty on you xx


  3. Ohh, I love that top!

    Corinne x

  4. Replies
    1. thank you so so much, means a lot:)x


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